What you can save

We do more to get you a better deal. That's why we negotiate on your behalf, and we can save you on average 30%. No fee to join.

We ensure transparency.

The garages create job costings validated by manufacturer data, so you know you’re not being overcharged; our built-in rules engine immediately flags work which requires further explanation from a garage.

It works like this…

  • If the same job has already been completed on the vehicle before, is it within the expected time limits for the part?
  • Have you been charged for 8 litres of oil when your engine only holds 6 litres?
  • It means you know exactly what’s happening, you understand why the price is what it is and you are invoiced only for what has been approved.

Take a look at what our customers say about us.

See the table below for comparisons: 

Work  Their
BMW x 1  Replace differential oil
seal and brake fluid 
£335.79  £162.04 48%
Volvo v60  36k service and rear 
brake pads
£450.60 £202.04 45%
Replace differential oil
£912.00 £260.50 29%
Ford Transit  30k service £223.00 £63.27 28%
Nissan Qashquai Minor service  £132.50 £29.75 22%
Mazda CX-5  30k service  £111.01 £28.20 25%
Audi Quattro  Alternator and
alternator belt
£482.53 £105.29 22%

We give you access to our simple Cloud Portal 

  • Secure online system
  • Easily accessed from any location
  • Add, delete or amend your vehicles and drivers all from one simple dashboard
  • DVLA look up tool verifies your vehicle data

We make sure you don’t miss any of the important stuff

  • Receive alerts for due dates so you can book maintenance work or renew policies, so you're always compliant 

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