This new service is the latest in a group of services we are offering to make your fuel card work harder for you. Using an Allstar card to pay at the M6toll means less driver expenses and VAT claims to process, which means less paperwork for you, all saving you time and your business money.

The M6toll is a strategic bypass route, stretching for 27 miles from near Cannock, Staffordshire to Coleshill, Warwickshire. It offers drivers the opportunity to avoid a section of the heavily congested M6 and increase the reliability of their route planning. Our partnership with the M6toll means you can use your existing Allstar card to pay at M6toll booths. Drivers can join the M6toll at various junctions along the road, paying on exit at one of the toll plazas with their Allstar fuel card.


On arrival at the M6toll booth drivers simply insert their Allstar Card, take a receipt and drive on. There’s no need for the driver to complete an expense claim as all transactions are itemised on Allstar’s consolidated HRMC-approved invoice.


Benefits of using this service are:

The ability to pay M6toll charges comes as standard with all of our fuel card accounts. To take advantage of this service plus all the benefits of our fuel cards, set up an account today.


For more details about M6toll, click here for details.