Business Mileage Monitor is our automated online process that allows you to manage your fuel expenses effectively. It works in conjunction with any of our fuel cards to give you a truly automated and fully integrated fuel management solution. 

Easy to use and implement, Business Mileage Monitor ensures simple, accurate accounting of business and private mileage on an HMRC compliant audit trail. Business Mileage Monitor removes the issues associated with over and under reimbursement of business fuel costs and can greatly reduce the administration time for submitting and processing claims.

Key features include:

It’s a legal requirement to accurately record your drivers’ business and private mileage. If your current solution falls foul of an HMRC investigation, it could mean a demand for unpaid taxes and a penalty that could be as much as £6,000 per driver, per annum and HMRC can go back six years!

Business Mileage Monitor can help you eliminate this risk and ensure you are 100% compliant.