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Credit / Charge Cards


  • Discount fuel prices available
  • Better security and prevention of fraud
  • Ability to use multiple providers (Shell, Esso, Texaco etc.)
  • Card management tools
  • Points/rewards scheme
  • Monitor filling patterns
  • Fleet efficiency & MPG reporting
  • Reduce internal administration costs
  • Simple invoicing with clear VAT separation
  • No interest on purchases
  • No need for receipts


  • 100% fuel site coverage* – including Discounted Diesel at 1,800 sites**
  • Increased security against card misuse –restrictions by purchase categories and spend limits at card level
  • Detailed reporting on fuel use, efficiency and MPG
  • Level 3 line detail, HMRC-compliant fuel invoicing
  • Simplified invoicing and clear VAT separation – no need to retain fuel receipts*
  • Contactless technology for small purchases
  • Interest free for up to 44 days on purchases


* Fuel purchases made outside the Allstar fuel network will not meet HMRC compliance and fuel receipts will need to be collected for these transactions

** Discount Diesel is only available on the UK only version of Allstar Plus.



  • 100% fuel site coverage – no discount on Diesel
  • Open to card misuse – unable to restrict purchase categories and spend limits per card, often only by account – open to misuse
  • Unable to detail fuel usage, efficiency and MPG
  • Unable to capture Level 3 line detail for fuel transactions – no HMRC-compliant invoice
  • Complicated VAT reclaim – all fuel receipts must be kept to reclaim VAT
  • Contactless technology for small purchases
  • Varying interest-free periods.

In Summary

  • HMRC approved bills that save you time and money
    Separate receipts can be missed or lost and they can be difficult to manage

  • Monitor exactly how much fuel is used and at what cost
    Monetary amounts can be skewed when drivers fill out forms manually

  • Improve driver fuel consumption with access to useful management information
    Pay and reclaim schemes don’t encourage drivers to improve the way they drive



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