Where can I use my card?

The Allstar Plus card has a wide range of payment options across an extensive network.

Replacing pesky pay and reclaim accounts as well as petty cash needs, Allstar Plus comes with Contactless technology, making small costs like parking, taxis and tolls easier – it can even be used for the London Underground. It’s more than a fuel card and more than a charge card; Allstar Plus has the flexibility to purchase across most of your business expenses through the Visa network, with the ability to control any outlay. Plus, every purchase is interest-free for up to 44 days, helping your business cash flow.

The Allstar Plus card works in Visa-accepting stores, as well as any fuel site*. Including savings on pump price through 1,300 Discount Diesel sites**, Allstar Plus’ versatility allows you to cover any unexpected cost, like work materials, without having to worry about admin or pay and reclaim.

Furthermore, while you can use your Allstar Plus card at any garage that accepts Visa payments, you can also gain 10% off MOTs, tyres, glass and repair work from an exclusive list of 1,600 garages across the country. So if you ever have any emergency repair work or your fleet breaks down, you can use Allstar Plus to get yourself back on the road.

Offering you an easy, efficient and all-encompassing solution that covers most of your payments, Allstar Plus is the perfect solution for your business expenses.

*Fuel purchases made outside the Allstar fuel network will not meet HMRC compliance and fuel receipts will need to be collected for these transactions.

** Discount Diesel is only available on the UK only version of Allstar Plus.