Your exclusive service, maintenance and repair offer

Allstar Plus saves you 10%* off your costs across 1,000 garages, helping you cover your vehicle service, maintenance and repair needs.

Find all participating UK garages using our Site Locator.

10% off* any vehicle repair costs across over 1,600 garages nationwide. These garages are dedicated, just like we are, to providing you more. This means that, while you can use Allstar Plus at any garage that accepts Visa for your maintenance needs, we have secured exclusive savings at selected sites. 

Making the most of the available savings is simple 

Visit a participating garage for your vehicles' work and pay using Allstar Plus, and your Allstar Plus invoice will show the rebate. Your exclusive rebate comes from garages like Halfords Autocentres, Arnold Clarke, Prestige and many more. Allstar Plus keeps you moving in many ways, making sure that your vehicle stays on the road as well as ease your business expenses so that you can focus on what matters to you. 

On top of access to over 7,400 Allstar network fuel sites** and 1,300 Discount Diesel sites***, Allstar Plus offers you the ability to control and tailor specific spend categories and limits. 

Support your business with an Allstar Plus card in your hands. 

To include service, maintenance and repair on your Allstar Plus account, give us a call on 0330 123 2511 

*We may apply a rebate to purchases made using Your Card at certain participating Merchants listed here. The percentage rebate applied to participating Transactions for the relevant invoice period will appear as a consolidated value on Your Allstar Invoice (not in any invoice provided by a Merchant to You). The list of participating Merchants and the applicable percentage rebates may change from time to time at our discretion. 

**Fuel purchases made outside the Allstar fuel network will not meet HMRC compliance and fuel receipts will need to be collected for these transactions. 

***Discount Diesel is only available on the UK only version of Allstar Plus.