How does it work?

The Allstar Plus card is a new type of business expense card that lets you use one card for most expenses with the ability to control any spend.

 A solution suitable for any business of any size*, from one employee to several thousand, our Allstar Plus card covers all vehicle or travel related expenses, whether it’s parking & tolls, vehicle repairs, hotel accommodation, fuel services, or even flights.  Offering access to Allstar’s extensive fuel network, it builds on the control and administrative ease that Allstar offers every customer to deliver a tailored, interest-free payment method for your business expenses. All the benefits of a normal business card, but retaining Allstar’s ability to grant control and authority over every employee purchase through restrictions, account levels and reporting.

All the benefits of a normal charge card, but retaining Allstar’s ability to grant control and authority…


The Allstar Plus card can be used in most Visa-accepting garages, but can also benefit you by offering a 10% discount on all your maintenance needs at over 1,600 garages in its exclusive network. Simply pay for your repair work with your Allstar Plus card in these selected garages and you’ll benefit from the discount.

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Minimising any deviation, the Allstar Plus card can be used like a normal Visa card in any Visa-accepting store, as well as any fuel site**, whether they are on the Allstar network or not. Offering you access to the 1,300 Discount Diesel sites***, you can gain great savings on every litre of pump price, while the versatility of the Visa card allows you to cover any unexpected cost, like work materials, on the same card.

With the Allstar Plus card, we have combined the control of a fuel card with the practical and vast network of a Visa card, giving you a vehicle and business expense solution that you can use for everything that matters to you.

 * Not suitable for sole traders, small partnerships (<4 partners) and unincorporated associations

**Fuel purchases made outside the Allstar fuel network will not meet HMRC compliance and fuel receipts will need to be collected for these transactions.

*** Discount Diesel is only available on the UK only version of Allstar Plus.